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If you're still hanging around these parts and wanted to see what I'm up to these days, you can follow me closer over at:

In the meantime, I'll try to poke my head in here every now and then and see what's going on...

Hope everyone is well!
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so I've logged into good old dA for the first time in many many months.. can't say I'm very excited to be here.  I checked my inbox and had gotten a ton of messages, many of which had titles like "I LOVE YOU" and stuff like that.  At first I thought I was going to have a bit of back patting to do as I read from my many admirers but then I had just realized spam has finally infiltrated dA.

so who is still reading my posts?  anybody?  hahaha...

I'm good.  Way busy.  Shooting lots in Chicago and elsewhere.  Making a living off of it for over a year now.  It can be done!  Keep shooting, kids!

Oh, and if you'd like t keep up on me, you're best bets are:

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So today, in Spain, on 6 July 2007, I apparently have some sort of writeup in the El Pais newspaper.  It's actually in the magazine that comes with the paper, apparently called EPS...?  If you can confirm or deny this, that would be awesome!  I doubt I will be able to see a copy of it until they send me one, and I am very interested to see how good/bad I am portrayed in there.  The article is about my website and may or may not be about other websites as well, not only mine.

Ok, that's all!  Let me know if you've seen it!

Oh, and in other news, I will MOST LIKELY be in Spain this October at some point!  yay!

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I'm excited about that.  Summer in Chicago is the best.  Although, I am hoping to travel as much as I can....  It looks like next week I will be in Detroit, Montreal, (possibly) Boston and finally NYC on June 1 for a week or so.  Still need to find places to stay there!  

I haven't been around much.  Shooting a lot.  Fulltime, kinda.  All freelance stuff.  Mostly nightlife.  Not making a ton of money but enough for now....

If you have a second, go check out an article a local publication did about ME, yes ME!  It was the cover story of New City a week ago.  It's posted in my blog...

Hope all is well with everyone!

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apparently somebody in asia is now selling cigarette lighters with one of my photos on them.…

it's amazing.. really.  how connected the world has become to the point that:

A) it's possible to steal somebody's photo and use it for your own profit on the other side of the globe, and
B) it's possible to find out about somebody on the other side of the globe using your photo for their profit.

on the surface i should be mad about this, and yeah, it's annoying.. but really, what can I do?  not much.  if I want people to see my photos then it's necessary for me to show them online, and if I show them online, people can and will take them.. if they are good, of course.  Perhaps it's my just deserts for ripping off adobe for all these years..

anyway, in conclusion, go buy that jazzy lighter while you still can!  yay!!!
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If you want to see my work more often, go there .  I update it like 4 times a week.  It's mostly parties, yes.  But I've decided to start mixing in more streetshots to it.  And start adding more other things like band interviews and videos.

I've also decided to stop doing the "photo of the day" on my site, because it is not set up conveniently and hasn't been changed in a month.  Instead, I will rely on my wordpress blog and begin updating that hopefully almost daily with shorter updates instead of the loooong as ones that take forever to write.

And don't worry, there will still be some dA submissions as well.. once I get back home and get things sorted and film developed and scanned.

To Recap: (
clayton hauck blog (
clayton hauck website (

That's all!  Hope everyone is well!

I just had the pleasure of having a short meeting over coffee with Chris Weeks and J out here in Hollywood.  Good peeps..

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so I was out in hollywood yesterday using the few remaining frames on a roll or 120 film over at a friend's house.  I had 2 frames left and saw some kid playing with his dog and thought it would be perfect.  he was asking me about the camera, probably because it looks old and is kinda big.  i'm all like "it's film, do you know what that is?" and he blankly stared at me.

anyway.. picture time.  him, his dog teddy, and his sister were all very excited. they called for their mom to come out and see.  i guess perhaps they don't have a camera?  when i was done the kids were like "let me see! let me see!" and I'm all like "it's film.. remember?"

the kids were bummed but luckily my friend's friend rolled down the street with a polaroid no more than 2 minutes later and of course the kids asked her right off the bat "will we get to see it?"

in conclusion.  shoot digital.  ;)
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i'm 24 now.  true story.

so in less than a week i am off to texas and then los angeles.  hope to do a lot of street shooting, on top of my assignments covering parties at sxsw in austin.

i still havent even posted my film shots from my last trip out west.. but i guess not having a scanner and being busy a lot of the time is not an ideal situation for getting this tast accomplished.

oh and I just wanted to thank rogue-designer for my last subscription.

hope all is well with all of you in deviantartland
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emo is sweeping the nation…
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okay so March should be some fun for me.  no i am not going to france as I'd like, but i am going to AUSTIN, TEXAS to cover the SXSW music festival for my friend's label.  14th-19th in Texas and then I hop a flight to LA.  I'll hang in LA perhaps til the end of the month, unless....

i got to thinking yesterday, and it would be super cool to take an extended trip someplace south.  I've always wanted to see Mexico City so maybe 2-3 days there before I return would be cool.  Airfare is pretty affordable for my budget, I just dont know if I can afford a hotel in addition.

Basically, if anyone here has been or lives in Mexico City, Id love your advice!  I havent started researching yet as I've been too busy.  Let me know what you think!!!  Great photo ops down there, no doubt.

Or if you live there and I can crash on your couch I will love you forever.  And I will give you some free prints or something, just don't ask Katia about it becuse I still owe her her prints!! ;)

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update:  i had my court date yesterday for the alley incident.  well, i showed up, sat and waited a bit in the small court room.  it was for minor incidents and there was a judge at the head of the room and then 8 benches with a few of us waiting in the room to be called. it was interested because you have to plead your case in front of everyone.  while i was listening to some guy debate with the judge about some small fine regarding a dog, some other guy called me into the other room.  he said that because of some filing error, my case has been dismissed and i am most likely off the hook, unless they send me something in the mail at a later date. he told me i should be glad and that the fine for public urination is in the $100-$500 range.

so that's it i hope.  lesson learned.  make sure to check twice before peeing in an alley.

oh, and they made me check my camera at the security desk. oh well.

(end update)--

last night i got busted by the cops for peeing in an alley.

of course the bathroom at the restaurant was closed.. there was nowhere to go but my pants or the alley because it was 2:30am.

so yeah, i am lucky and get to visit court for the first time.

i cant wait!!! :D

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so this entire week i've been a slave to my computer.  at least i've been mostly doing things better than games and porn.  i've seriously read more this past week than perhaps the entire year of 2006.  in general, i have a fairly poor memory, which annoys the hell out of me, but i've read and learned an aweful lot.

here are some links that i liked that i can remember off the top of my head.  maybe ill repost the journal if i remember more.


- interesting american in lebanon blog:…

- some awesome short films.  i liked "still life" a lot:…

- political iraqi blog:

- want to take classes at UC Berkeley but cant get in or afford it?  now you can! (seriously i've spent no less than 12 hours watching/listening to classes):…

- political egyptian blog:

- political commentary blog by very "wordly" guy (seems very pro-isreal, which is fine, and the guy speaks literally 5 languages):…

...and seriously, these blogs all have links to many other blogs, many of which are also very good...

- some interesting things in this online mag:

- if you like architecture, this guy has some good and sarcastic humour for it.  (he also has some interesting thoughts about the future of the USA):

- tom scharpling does a weekly radio show on WFMU and I listen to it archived every week.  very funny show if you like his style humor.  just dont judge it too soon, it can be slow at times but well worth it when you're "in" to it:

- there was an article about dubai (my longtime fascination) in national geographic which of course resparked my interest agian:

...that site is an FAQ page about dubai.  if you dont know what dubai is you really should.  you can also find a lot on wikipedia...

- This American Life on PBS.  It's a weekly show out of Chicago.  If you haven't heard it before you should.  There is a FREE podcast for it, go on itunes or search and you will find it.

Okay.  Yikes.  I know there are more but i think thats a good starting point for you guys.  So, get at it.  Quit your jobs and stop leaving your house.  That's what ebay and pea pod is for, right?

haha.. only kidding.. i think?

Later b's,

-ps, i hope all the links go thru dA transformation okay without emoticons and all.. we'll see...
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yeah i know i havent done the "something" series for a while, but i ran across this guy today after reading an article about oil in nigeria in vanity fair and wanted to share it with you.  his body of work is really powerful!

i hate it say it but after seeing such strong works from photographers like him, it really affects me not only from an emotional standpoint regarding the world but also as a photographer.  i'm not sure exactly what it is that gets to me.  i compare my work, which i understand is still in its early stages, and its full of cute dogs and people drinking in bars and people out and about enjoying life and then you look at guys like him and its like.. whoa!  it's just so real.  i guess this is just something to strive for.  practice on the safe streets and once you're confident with your skills, adventure out a bit more into the "real world" and try to take some photos that perhaps do change the world even a little tiny bit.

that's the other thing about countries like america.  we are in such a condition that we can afford to have professions in which people get paid.. in many cases assloads of money.. to just take pictures.  whether it's advertisments or fashion or celebrities.  there aren't too many chris weeks' in africa.

i know it's a long and pointless ramble but that's what has been on my mind today.  anyway, here is the guy's site...

michael kamber..

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If I put out a book of my photography, would you buy it?  I am trying to gague the interest to see if i want to invest all the time it would take to make it.

The price would probably be roughly US$45 and it would be around 60-100 pages with photos and text, hardcover with sleeve, professionaly printed.


(Errol, no need for you to offer anal in exchange.  Already on my list)

Hope everyone is well!

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double dare!!! that was such a great tv show.  i even had the computer game and it was also an amazing game.

double dare > daily deviation

dont get slimed!!
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so i submitted 2 of my photos a while back.. like maybe 8 months ago.  today they announced the winners.

one of my photos was nominated but i ended up losing.  oh well.  still kind of cool.

check out all the photos.  some good ones and some not so good ones.…

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last night i had a dream i was at a party.

angelcurls was there and so was Gonzale.  some guy told me angelcurls's boyfriend was there and he was a real asshole! :oops:

and that's all i remember.  a rather lame dream but as far as i remember it's the first dream i've had with people from dA involved.

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so apparently somebody bought me a subscription... ??? !!! :) :) :)

it was apparent right off the bat when i came to da and i WAS NOT greeted by that retarded craying alien telling me it was "lonely here without me"  that shit pissed me off so much i vowed never to sign up again if that thing was lying to me.

anyway.. so it's nice to be "back" here.  i wish it would show who or what did this.  or maybe dA did it?  doubtful, but i am suspicious of them as it seems they throw out free week-long *'s in order to hook people and get them to pay.. it worked with me the first time around!! ;)

Alright.  gotta run now but ill be around.

take care everyone,

as always, more stuff on my site or
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i'm finally getting some time to post some photos from my recent westcoast USA trip.

check the blog if you're interested in seeing what i dont post here (which is mostly everything)

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i just finished working on a promotional video shoot for Viagra.

I heard the words penis, erection, and erectile disfunction about a thousand or two times.  I learned everything there is to know about Viagra.  I am now a complete person.

And now I go off to pop a blue diamond or two and bang every girl i come across for the next 4 hours...

clayton V-Man hauck
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